Rochelle’s Session Chatter

Serena Ryder 2013

SERENA RYDER This Canadian artist blew our minds with her voice, she’s played a few shows in Boise and we hope for another one...Read More

Donovan Frankenreiter 2012

Check out our videos with Donovan Frankenreiter, and as we follow him to various rock stores in town! Have questions or comments? Email me....Read More

Amos Lee 2011

Here’s an off-site session with Amos Lee, back when outdoor shows happened at Eagle River Pavilion. We brought some winners in to watch his...Read More

Iron and Wine 2011

We’ve been lucky a few times to have an Iron and Wine show in Boise. Sam Beam’s voice is amazing, and this session was...Read More

Grace Potter 2011

GRACE POTTER Grace Potter and her band did a great live show at The Record Exchange! Check out our remixes below. Have questions or...Read More

Shawn Mullins 2010

SHAWN MULLINS Shawn Mullins is a great songwriter, and we had him in for a session before his Boise show. He has a great...Read More

Doobie Brothers 2010

DOOBIE BROTHERS It was a packed crowd of listeners and everyone in the building, so excited for our Doobie Brothers session! The song above...Read More

Colbie Caillat 2009

COLBIE CAILLAT Colbie Caillat was one of the first artists we had in studio with video. She was so new at the time! This...Read More

Ingrid Michaelson 2009

INGRID MICHAELSON Years ago we had a few visits from Ingrid Michaelson, one of our favorite songwriters! She had so much fun with her...Read More