Rochelle’s Session Chatter


We brought a few listeners to Boise’s Knitting Factory for a Sound Check Party! Have questions or comments? Email me....Read More

Cold War Kids 2017

We loved having this band in from Long Beach, California. We had been playing this single for a while. You might also recognize this...Read More

Suzanne Vega 2017

SUZANNE VEGA Something happened that raised my heart’s BPM by about 30 for the rest of the day. After writing Suzanne Vega’s manager and...Read More

Sasquatch 2017

SASQUATCH 2017 This was my 3rd Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge, but the first where I was finally granted a media pass! It was...Read More

Treefort 2017

Treefort is like a Boise holiday. Bands come from all over the U.S. to play. Some bands you’ve never heard of, might be famous...Read More

Portugal. The Man 2017

PORTUGAL. THE MAN Boise was the first stop of their tour, and the group stopped by to visit with Tim. They were really nice,...Read More

The Shook Twins 2017

THE SHOOK TWINS These Idaho sisters got their start in Sandpoint.  We’ve had them in a few times, and loved seeing their green tour...Read More

Sasquatch 2016

SASQUATCH 2016 Sasquatch is something to look forward to. This 4 day music festival takes place in the beautiful environment of the Gorge. Winds...Read More

Bumbershoot 2016

BUMBERSHOOT 2016 Labor Day Weekend approached with a last-minute media pass granted from Bumbershoot! You apply for these things months in advance, sometimes have...Read More