2020 She Rocks Awards

2020 She Rocks Awards

If you’re looking for a break from dismal Northwest winter weather, consider going to The NAMM show in Anaheim! I am wondering why I didn’t start going years ago. I’ll do a couple more blogs soon on The NAMM Show, and the TEC Awards. Right now, it’s all about the ladies.

Please refer to the link at the bottom of this blog, you can watch the entire event yourself! I was honored to be included in the photo shoot, and then join my sister Soundgirls for dinner inside with a group ticket I’d purchased.

The House of Blues hosted this EPIC 8th year She Rocks Awards event. Here’s the thing, though…my red carpet photos will expire in 30 days! I had to sign a waiver to not archive any of the photos, as is their policy. A major newspaper modified their contract and crossed it out, but as a first-timer, I’ll abide by the rules in hopes to return!


To see and hear this legendary singer/songwriter/producer was very powerful for me. Go deeper in to her music, if you haven’t. This talented former frontwoman of 4 Non Blondes chewed her gum, kept her hat down, and mumbled a few things about her feelings on The Grammy Awards. Inside, she played some beautiful songs. I’d never noticed before, something in her voice was reminding me of Bowie. She took her gum out on stage and joked that she’d get it later, then laughed and said, “Probably not.” She did a powerful acoustic version of “Beautiful.” She stated that she never really identified as a particular gender, and always introduced herself as “Linda Perry,” since she was a kid. On songwriting, she stated that “Writer’s block is a THINKER’S problem.”


Linda Perry and her business partner Kerry Brown have a label called, “We Are Here.” Linda is really excited about this teenage artist!


It was a complete and pleasant surprise to see Lisa Loeb. I looked up to see her, she asked the production managers if she should introduce herself. I heard the PM say, “They know who you are!” I just felt nothing but love when she walked by. She is so talented and fun, and I remember how great she was to hang out with during a session we had during Lilith Fair. I told her I hoped she would come back to Boise. Lisa Loeb was a presenter the following night at the NAMM Tec Awards, I will cover that on another upcoming blog.


Lizzy has been in our studio twice over the years. When I told her where I was from, she had smiles and hugs. She has visited our sister station The X more than once. I can tell you that in addition to being a phenomenal performer, she is very genuine. This vocalist from Halestorm won the Inspire Award. Once when asked if some girls from Rock Camp could have her talk to them for 10 minutes, and instead she gave them 30 minutes. Her positive energy inspires kids, and I’ve seen it when we’ve had her in studio. She takes time to connect and encourage kids who look up to her and want to learn music.

Gibson CEO awarded Lizzy with an Explorer guitar, and commended her on turning intimidation on stage into inspiration.

Lizzy’s performance on stage was incredible. She spoke of hoping for a day when people stop telling girls they are a good female guitarist, and just say “good guitarist.” She said some of the advice given in her career included a suggestion of taking her bra off on stage, and losing the band and going solo. She would have none of that.

Here you can revisit one of her sessions I mixed for The X. She is humble, and professional all the way.


So many friends were excited to hear that Suzi would be at the awards. She rightfully won the Icon Award, and has paved the way for so many female performers. Some remember her as “Leather Tuscadero” on Happy Days. She did a great cover of “Johnny B Goode.”

There’s a documentary coming called “Suzi Q.” Watch the trailer below!


So many legends! Cherie was lead vocalists for The Runaways, with artists including Joan Jett, and Lita Ford. (The Holy Trinity?) Joan Jett and Kim Fowley wrote “Cherry Bomb” for her when she was 16 years old! It was so exciting to actually see someone who was part of lighting the fuse for the Riot Grrrl movement. This was a very powerful evening.


Here is an innovative artist to keep your eye on. She is using some creative technology, including 360 AR streaming and a 3D Interactive Album app. Bowie’s designers have been working with her. Beatie has been researching how to improve dementia with the power of music. Imagine what would happen if more artists though of things like this?


The She Rocks Awards had a stellar backing band. They were very tight and professional.


I was chatting some with a photographer from KISW in Seattle. At this point, we were completely fan-girling out on people appearing on the red carpet. This Grammy Award-winning artist and Hall of Fame Inductee gave a legendary finale performance of “I Will Survive.” The excitement of this show kept me awake all night!


MICHIGANDER-January 31, 12N




I’m excited to mix all of these bands, what a great line-up to start 2020! I appreciate my workplace so much for being encouraging of my mixing and training. If you’re thinking of learning more about any aspect of the industry, NAMM is a great place to start. Some of the workshops I took from AES (Audio Engineering Society) were extremely inspiring. There are new things I want to learn, and I can’t wait to get started. The She Rocks Awards will inspire you, as well. A great quote from the night was, “Equility is when you go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.”

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