Joni Mitchell Birthday Tribute


The Record Exchange hosted a magical event for First Thursday. They are often know for hosting memorial concerts after an artist has passed, but they wanted to pay tribute to living legend Joni Mitchell for her birthday.

The store was packed with happy fans of all ages. Everyone appreciates what a treasure The Record Exchange is to Boise. Chad Dryden was a phenomenal host, sharing album history and trivia before each performance.

Nerves and excitement backstage were very high. People caught up with each other on their projects, sampled snacks and drinks, and some took part in the traditional bottle of whiskey provided.

It was nice to catch up with sound engineer and friend Dave Eilers, who is always kind to share audio with me for remixes. We talked about patience, love, and lack thereof, and gave each other hugs.

Here is just a sample of some of the performances we’ve remixed and provided. You can also watch the entire show here.

Lindsey Hunt and Ashley Rose Smith kicked off the event. Ashley will be performing the entire “Blue” album next month at Boise’s Sapphire Room.

Curtis Stigers talked about this song and Joni’s time with Charles Mingus.

It’s always lovely to hear Belinda Bowler’s voice. Bindy is a Boise legend.

Aka Belle did this version of “Free Man in Paris.”

Ken’s wife Michelle Bass makes her Joni debut with “A Case of You.”


Leta Neustadter did the finale, opening up with saying how she might need some extra love energy since her dog was dying. Anyone with a dog knows how hard that can be, and performing would be the last thing on your mind. Not a dry eye in the house when she was done, and she has sadly since lost Bodhi since then. We love you Leta.

With the holidays coming, please support The Record Exchange as often as you can. In fact, there’s an in-store from Black Belt Eagle Scout TODAY! Most concert tickets can be purchased there, and they will soon be having an Idaho HO HO performance there to celebrate this year’s CD.

Also, if you’re looking for a fun afternoon event, The Colossal Cinematic Showcase is today at Country Club Reel Theater. My film about violinist Gaelynn Lea will be shown, from when she visited us during Treefort.

The Colossal Cinematic Showcase, a recipient of the Boise City Department of Arts & History Grant for FY2019. This biannual red carpet event showcases the work of filmmakers and is a cinematic storytelling of journeys. Join us directly following the films for an After Party at Mad Swede Brewing, where you can meet and greet the featured filmmakers.


KOLARS-November 14th

X AMBASSADORS-November 16th

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