Rochelle’s Session Chatter

LOVELY THE BAND-Bumbershoot 2018

LOVELY THE BAND INTERVIEW-BUMBERSHOOT 2018 My final interview was well worth waiting for, especially having just seen their live show at Bumbershoot. Sunday afternoon...Read More

XIE-Bumbershoot 2018

XIE INTERVIEW-BUMBERSHOOT 2018 Music festivals are a great way to hear samples of many different genres. XIE caught my attention, she is a very...Read More

Bumbershoot 2018

Day 1 started at 5 am, flew to Seattle and took the link rail downtown. It was hard to not walk right to Pike...Read More

Low Cut Connie 2018

LOW CUT CONNIE This is a band you may have seen in town before, at places like Neurolux, or the Olympic. They played at...Read More

KT Tunstall 2018

KT TUNSTALL KT made a point to join us before her show. She asked who the photo was behind me, it’s the only photo...Read More

Van William 2018

VAN WILLIAM His new album is called “Countries.” Van William (AKA Van William Pierszalowski) and his trio joined us in the Blue Moon Listener...Read More

Mt. Joy 2018

MT. JOY We LOVED having this band in, though their setup was much different than the stage plot sent to me. Maybe a few...Read More