Shook Twins 2019


If you’ve been in Boise any length of time, you know when Shook Twins are in town you need to get there early. I’ve seen them in every kind of venue, and wanted to contact the right away when I heard about their Boise show. Thanks to Duck Club for bringing us so many great shows!



Listeners gathered for a great live session, and lunch from Boise Bistro Market.

One of the Shook Twins wrote this breakup song for her other sister.

Having the Shook Twins in is just what this rainy week needed. This band started in Sandpoint, Idaho and Portland is their home now. They spoke of their harrowing drive to Boise from Oregon. This was the first date of this tour. Tim reminded them of their visit last time, finding a Morel mushroom in the bark of our parking lot! They said they had even found them at Wells Fargo bank.

Their live show was sold out the night before. They have such great energy on stage. They played a great Beatles cover of “Dear Prudence.” I was so excited to hear one of my favorite songs ever, they covered “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.

Their new album “Some Good Lives” is out tomorrow. If you went to their show at the VAC, you were able to purchase it early. The Shook Twins spoke of how they loved observing Gregory Alan Isakov create sounds.

They wrote this song when they said they were “feeling the Bern.”

You can see Shook Twins if you head to Northwest String Summit this summer!

Check out the podcast below.

Shook Twins Podcast 2019

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