Now That’s Hot: Flying Pie Contest

You’re getting warmer.  WARMER.  HOT, you’re BURNING UP!

Now That's Hot
Now That’s Hot

It’s no kids’ game.  It’s Habanero time at Flying Pie Pizza!  Listen mornings at 8:20 to play “Now THAT’S HOT!” to win a $20 gift card to Flying Pie, useful for say a single 12” habanero pizza with 6 peppers – the equivalent of 5 pounds of jalapenos.  Or a double.  Or a triple.  Or a “ya gotta be kiddin’ me” QUAD habanero with 24 peppers and a drizzle of ghost pepper sauce, equal to 20 pounds of jalapenos.  Win yours mornings with Ken & Deb, and then.  Feel the burn.  From Flying Pie and 94.9 the River.

OFFICIAL RULES  Starts July 13, 2020