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Each weekday Ken and Deb get you going with the best music first and a sampling of what’s happening in the Treasure Valley. It’s about living… and loving, the life we enjoy so much in Southwest Idaho – River Mornings on 94.9 the River.

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  • Virus-Free Report Sample

    Every weekday morning at 8:30, a news report to boost our mental health. We all need a break ~Debbie...Read More
  • Steve Stuebner – St. Joe River

    Steve Stuebner’s camping, hiking and river tips from a trip to the St. Joe....Read More

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River Morning Podcasts

  • Dry Creek Hikes

    ...Read More
  • Ghost Stories at the Old Idaho Pen

    Amber Beierle shares her paranormal experiences at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Check the Old Idaho Pen Facebook page for tickets to Dying to Get In or Frightened Felons....Read More
  • Cowboy Poet Sam Mattise

    Cowboy poet Sam Matisse stopped by River Mornings to tell a true story about a snuff error.    ...Read More
  • Robert Franz: Boise Baroque Orchestra

    Boise Baroque Orchestra Artistic Advisor Robert Franz previewed the season opener on River Mornings. The concert is Sunday, September 15, 2 p.m., at the Cathedral of the Rockies. Tickets here. Scroll down to see his photo demonstration...Read More
  • Podcast: Film Director A.J. Eaton

    A.J. Eaton is the director of David Crosby: Remember My Name, which you can see at The Flicks. There are all kinds of Idaho connections interwoven in the creation of the film. <!–[if lt IE 9]><![endif]–> https://dehayf5mhw1h7.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/1040/2019/08/27100400/8-27-19-AJ-Eaton.mp3...Read More
  • The NUTmobile is here

    In case you see this in your rear-view mirror today, it’s the Planters NUTmobile – in town for a few days. A team of three recent college graduates are touring the West, and will be at Albertsons...Read More
  • Tomatoes all grown up

    Sun gold cherry tomato plants are more than six feet tall this week. Still, not a lot of tomatoes compared to previous years. Fingers still crossed the harvest season stretches into October. Basil plants were added to...Read More
  • Canned Cheese

    Cheese in a can with a secret 70-year-old bacteria. The description may cause you to take a pass, but don’t do it. Eat. This. Cheese. Cougar Gold recently popped up on a list of underrated cheeses that...Read More
  • Fall planting bet and an old crib

    I planted sugar snap peas last weekend, because SOMETIMES, there will be fresh peas to eat this fall. No guarantee. It didn’t work last year, but I have room to try. The seed packet in my stash...Read More
  • John Dillinger, in my house

    News surfaced recently that the body of 1930s gangster John Dillinger is going to be exhumed, as part of a History Channel special. Probably to determine if it’s really HIM buried in the grave, since there have...Read More
  • Boise Blueberry Conundrum

    A cousin of the huckleberry, which is my most favorite berry, is the blueberry. But as a master gardener, I advise against growing them here in the Treasure Valley. I also grow blueberries in my yard. In...Read More
  • Coffee with Boise Mayor Bieter

    Boise Mayor Dave Bieter talks about the best way to get rid of goatheads [you can’t spray them away], Dog Island tips for owners of shy dogs, and the Boise Greenbelt 50th anniversary party. Podcast: <!–[if lt...Read More

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