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Boise Blueberry Conundrum

A cousin of the huckleberry, which is my most favorite berry, is the blueberry. But as a master gardener, I advise against growing them...Read More

Fountain Bones

After my live broadcast at Panache Hair Studio and Day Spa at The Village at Meridian Thursday, my daughter and I were going to...Read More

Golden Beets

Look at these pretty golden beets from the Boise Farmers Market. They look a little like radishes in the photo above. Not so when...Read More

Orange Bag Quick Tip

Chip bags, big and little, take some extra recycling care. They are not suitable for the blue recycling bins, although, they are plastic. Sometimes,...Read More

Why Do You Hate Me?

Meet the European paper wasp, Polistes dominula. Most people hate wasps. Not me. I personally thanked this one for hanging around one of my flower...Read More