First thing you ordered from Amazon?

This month marks the 25th birthday for Amazon.What was the first thing you ordered from Amazon? You might have to scroll back a few pages in your order history. Chances are, it was a book. Amazon used to call itself the Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.

My first Amazon order was in January 2002.

Aw. When my baby girl really WAS a baby. Almost three months old. I still have this book. Useful ideas in teaching simple sign language that Aviana picked up on quickly and used until she started putting together sentences around 18 months. I have sometimes joked we need to go back to this because of the teenage years and difficulty in communicating, you know.

I made two other purchases later that year. Lyle Lovett CDs: Pontiac and Joshua Judges Ruth. I still adore Lyle. Remember the piece about him in the New Yorker in 2004?

What was your first Amazon purchase? And if you’ve never ordered anything from Amazon, tell us.


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