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100 Things Do Do In Boise Before You Die

100 things To Do In Boise Before You Die Book cover

It’s the time of year to run a couple of gift ideas past you, and some favorite books I’ve been able to review lately.

Here’s a great gift under $20, that anyone new to Boise will love.

Amanda Turner has collected 140 pages of ideas for you. They are divided into different categories and seasons.

What you’ll find in this book, are all the treasures of Boise. The things it might take you a while to find, as a local. She’s made it easy to share some of our best secret spots and events.

Breakfast at Goldy’s? It’s in there. Goldy’s is so popular, most of our returning bands insist on starting their Boise day at this restaurant. Green Acres Food truck area? It’s in there too, a great summertime venue right on the Greenbelt with tons of music of every style. Family-friendly with food and beverages. If vegan is your thing, you can learn about Wild Root, and BBQ 4 Life, whether you’re vegan or not.

Shows at Egyptian, Sapphire Lounge, VAC are some of the best, and featured here. You’ve got to check out comedy at The Lounge at the End of the Universe.

There are tons of ideas for kids to enjoy.  Learn about some Boise tours, the museum, and great downtown shopping at Ward Hooper’s Gallery.

I tried to think of what things I’d put in a book of this title, and as I searched them, almost all were in here. Details on Alive After 5, Shakespeare Festival, First Thursday are all included.

This is a great Boise 101 book to give anyone new in town, with some great ideas for locals who have been here for years!


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