A Teenager Joke = a Free Doughnut

A while back, when my teenage daughter was being extra “teenager-y,” I saw that you could send someone to Mars, virtually, and I instantly thought of sending her there. It was a virtual thing, where you entered a name with NASA, and the names were added to the next mission. I emailed her a copy of the boarding pass and she was NOT amused. Well, here we are with NASA’s Perseverance Rover making its landing Thursday, and the Krispy Kreme company is offering a free donut if you have a boarding pass. Thankfully, you can retrieve your pass in case you didn’t save it. Now she thinks it was an awesome idea that I sent her name to Mars. Link to retrieve the boarding pass: https://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/find

~Debbie, winning at the parenting game, sometimes