Light Box Therapy

I read an article by the Mayo Clinic last week about light box therapy for the winter months. It’s long been a suggestion for battling Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there may be benefits beyond that. Such as better sleep and alertness. Light boxes are not very expensive. I ordered one for $30 at the recommended 10,000 LUX rating.

Put the box at about arm’s length and hang out with it. It’s sitting on my desk at home. Use it early in the morning. I’m trying mine at 3 am. That’s when I sit down to start working on show preparation. I’m starting with the 20-minute timer and I don’t have it on the brightest setting. I will work up to that. Even at this level, it gave me a headache on the first day. That’s common and should be gone in about a week. It definitely makes me feel more awake more quickly.

These directions on the light were kind of funny.

“finger pulp?”

Here’s the Mayo Clinic article that inspired me:

Have you tried the therapy? I’m interested in hearing how it worked for you.