Tiny Pumpkin Seed-Saving

Every year, little pumpkins grow out of my compost pile. Descendants of big pumpkins tossed in there years ago. This year, one was so small and perfect, that I decided to cut it open and save the seeds.

Not all the seeds had been fertilized.  The sterile ones are flat. So I picked out the ones that were plump, rinsed them lightly and let them dry on a paper towel.

After two weeks, they look almost ready to store. I chipped off the remaining pumpkin goo and will let them dry a little longer before storing. I sure hope I can grow a cute and perfect little pumpkin on purpose. There were only other small pumpkins growing nearby, so if any cross-pollination happened, it happened with small fruits.

For perspective, here’s what the pumpkin looked like the day I picked it.