Pinball Collection Pt. 10

Inspired by the social media posts about favorite books, original art and albums, I’m featuring one pinball machine at a time from my family’s collection. Today, it’s Magic from the Stern company, 1979. It’s not commonly seen in the pinball world, although I did play a restored version at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma last year. The one in our collection is waiting for restoration.

We ordered new pop bumper caps with the skulls printed on them. Take a look at how dirty the machine is, along with the play field paint crack damage

Just looking at the photo above makes me want to get out the cleaning supplies right away. I also want to pry off those crusty rubbers. Yuck.

A closeup of the pop bumpers. Notice the brown spots in the middle. Those are burn marks from the heat of the light bulbs in the bumpers. When we restore this machine, the incandescent bulbs will be replaced with LEDs.

As far as the theme, we have heroes battling serpents and butterfly women/fairies? cheering them on.

Look closer at the photos and you’ll see the butterfly/fairy women don’t wear clothes. Strategic artwork may make that less obvious.

Fabio, is that you?

This machine is at our pinball clubhouse in Garden City called the Ugly Gold Couch. COVID-closed for now, giving us time to restore machines like this, which we rescued after it sat in a garage for years.