Garden Blueberries

I always say, “don’t try to grow blueberries in the Treasure Valley.” Also me, look at these blueberries that grew in my yard!

Here’s the story of blueberries in my garden. About 10 years ago, I thought this was a good idea. I didn’t research it very well, but there were blueberry plants at Far West Nursery. I bought three. Then I learned they need soil that’s on the acidic side. So I bought several bags of acidic soil and worked it into the ground before planting. But here’s the thing. the acidity doesn’t “stay.” Our water is alkaline even when it falls from the sky. The plants flailed and I got a handful of berries every year. I added elemental sulfur. That didn’t help much.

Finally, I told the plants I wasn’t going to give them anymore TLC and was going to tear them out. That’s when they started producing a lot of berries.

I can’t explain this. Blueberries still do not prefer our soil type, but maybe my tough love approach helped?