Foster Kittens

Back in March, I took an online training from the Idaho Humane Society to qualify as a volunteer to foster animals. And I got the call to take three “strays” Thursday. Hard to see that there are three kittens in the carrier above. The smallest one hid behind her siblings. These three are semi-feral. They were a little spicy that first day. Hissing and growling, but OK after being picked up and cuddled.

My daughter Aviana talked to them on the drive home from the shelter. But they never moved. They were so scared, they were frozen.

Our job is to handle them a lot for socialization, and fatten them up. We had a neighborhood kitten party Sunday, inviting neighbors to cuddle and play with them.

Once they get to two pounds, they will be spayed/neutered. There are two girls and one boy. Dottie is the girl above. She is the one we didn’t see that first day. Between 2-3 weeks old, they don’t even weigh a pound. Although Dottie is the runt, she was the first one to purr when held.

Below is her sister Daphne, taking a nap with my husband Dwayne. A dilute calico with medium-long hair.

Mickey is the boy and he is the most hissy and a little grumpy about being held. But we will smother him with love.

I’m guessing they will live with us for 3-4 weeks before they are available for adoption. If you are interested in one, let me know. They will be adopted through IHS, but if you fall in love with one, they will make sure you get it. So far, we are holding the line on not keeping them for ourselves 🙂

IHS needs a lot of kitten fosters now. Here’s the link to apply for the program.