Sourdough Bread Experiment

After spending two weeks harvesting yeast from the air to grow sourdough starter, read about that slightly creepy process here, I used the starter to make a small round of sourdough bread.

Making bread is at least a 17-hour, 21-step process. I am not kidding. I didn’t know this. Maybe I’m the last person to know? Even recipes called “simple” are overwhelming to me. One of my pinball friends in California sent me his recipe. It looks like this.

And after all of that, I ended up with a beautiful round of bread. Flavor was slightly sour, but the texture was WRONG.

There are supposed to be bubbles in there. Another friend who has been making sourdough bread for years told me I need to “proof” it differently. Of course, I didn’t “proof” it all. Plus, my starter is young since it was just created this month. As starter ages, it naturally creates more bubbles? I’ve ordered a book to try to learn more. I won’t give up. After all, I have the starter waiting in the refrigerator. I only have to remember to feed it once a week. It’s like a pet.

Got tips to share? Please help me.