Wild Sourdough Experiment. It Worked

For two weeks, I’ve been following the instructions for the NC State Wild Sourdough Experiment to see if I could harvest wild yeast from the air to make a sourdough starter. And, it worked! The first mark is the starter freshly fed after 14 days of development and refreshing, and the second mark is how high it rose. It doubled in size in about three hours.

Probably the easier way to get a sourdough starter is to have someone share one with you. Top view of all those microbes bubbling along.

Now that I have the data and photos, I will submit the results to the citizen science project. I also have to describe the aroma using the aroma wheel.

Thank goodness mine didn’t fall into the “Bodily smells” category. Mine has a fermented scent, closest to red wine.

Now, I am searching for sourdough recipes. Got any to share?