COVID-19 Plan at The Flicks

From our friend Carole Skinner and The Flicks staff:

We have taken every precaution to keep The Flicks a clean and safe place to be. Extra cleaning, removal of any self-service items from the front counter to the employee-controlled area, sanitizing armrests, professional carpet and seat cleaning, the list goes on… But, due to the daily evolving recommendations for public gatherings from 250 to 100 to 50 and now down to 10, we are suspending operations as of 9:40 PM Thursday night, March 19. We will will truly miss seeing all of you!

We will be open today, Wednesday and Thursday, so please take the opportunity to see the movies now playing (lots of opportunity for social distancing!) or to rent a DVD or two to watch at home.

Until it feels safe for all of us to gather again, Stay safe; be well!

Carole, Josie, Lynette, and all The Flicks staff