Early James 2020


This is the artist who opened for The Lone Bellow at the Olympic. This was a secret off-air session, and we loved having him in! He said that this song is about his Grandma Peg, but people keep mishearing it as “Rainbow Pig!”

Early James made his way to Dan Auerbach’s label Easy Eye Sound. He and Katie Pruett have mutual friends with Dan, but Early James thinks he was signed because Dan has a child named “Early.” He said, “If my name had been Mike Johnson, he woulda just walked away.”

His unique vocal style captivated everyone at the Olympic show. He said he sings from his diaphragm, and that vocal coaches have warned him he may not be able to sing like this forever. His set was very well-received, and I heard a whole table looking up his name behind me. It was great to hear his set before things got way too ridiculously loud. Early James made a great and humorous connection with the audience.

You can pre-order his new album HERE.  He’s an artist to watch!

We have the full podcast of his visit HERE.

Go backstage HERE with our Blue Moon session with The Lone Bellow.


LARKIN POE 3/25/2020 12N
Catch them live before they play Treefort! We caught them a couple years back at The Record Exchange. I’m SO excited about this session!

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