Dad Flu Update

An update on the recovery journey for my dad, who ended up in an Intensive Care Unit with influenza B, pneumonia and sepsis on January 5.  He was in ICU for 17 days. A lot of close calls but the team of doctors and nurses kept him alive. A little more than a week ago, he was transferred to an acute care hospital. ICU-lite. The recovery journey will be long.

“Baby steps.” That’s our constant reminder and there are bright spots every day. I go back to Arizona next week to be with him, but mostly to be with my stepmother. She has been at the hospital every day, all day, since January 5. She’s exhausted. It will be weeks and weeks before he can return home. ICU saved his life, but changed his life forever.

Learning again to swallow, eat, walk, write. All of that will have to happen and it can’t be rushed when a body and mind were so ravaged.

Keep sending healing vibes and prayers. And peace to the families of those who did not survive influenza this season.