Frog Legs, Pizza & Eat Your Christmas Tree

Along with the latest from Oreos, Pringles and Kit Kats, there were a lot of notes about local foods.

Cloud 9 Brewery here in Boise has joined the chicken sandwich wars. Their version looks extra delicious. spicy southern fried chicken topped with spicy slaw, and fresh and pickled jalapenos.


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Missing the Boise Farmers Market? A lot of vendors still have fresh vegetables available, plus pies and jams and breads that you can find at Lark & Larder. It’s a locally-focused shop on Orchard St. in Boise.

Hen and Hare from the market is offering fresh eggs. Sign up here to pick up two dozen every other week.

Frog legs are back at Wheeler’s Handout in Nampa. Local frog leg fans say these are among the best they’ve ever tasted.

The Boise Co-op, both locations, is offering a juice subscription. Pick up bottles on mornings you choose and drink one every three hours. Return the glass bottles and do it all again.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft is selling a limited number of Creature Club Cards. $150 for the year so it’s always happy hour for you and a ‘plus one.’ Access to tasting and events, too.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie has filed paperwork to remodel the a flower shop at the Eastgate Shopping Center. That will be their fourth location. Details at

We have a San Francisco Style Eatery in Boise? It’s been open since the summer but I somehow missed it. But, yum. Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. A deli, too. I will check them out this weekend. Location is on Emerald near Boise Towne Square.

This is a BIG DEAL. Chandlers in Boise has added a vegan steak to the menu.

Our friends at The Donut and Dog at The Village at Meridian are adding brunch every Saturday and Sunday starting next weekend. And if you show up wearing your pajamas, you get a free brioche donut. Some of the brunch menu items: mimosas, avocado toast, red velvet pancakes, chorizo hash, scrambled eggs

We’ve talked about recycling options for real Christmas trees, compost cart or take them to the Ada County Landfill, and then I saw this one over the weekend. Some people eat part of their trees. The bark is ground into flour and needles are used in teas and infusions. Here’s a recipe for pine needle tea. The needles are supposedly a good source of vitamin C.

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