Let’s Eat and Cuddle with a Donkey

Some of the foodie notes from my River Morning reports this week. Sharing all the local stuff today.

Meet Dinero. He’s a local party donkey you can rent for events. He’ll carry the beer, wine and sodas and cuddle up for photos.

I see teasers on social media about a new restaurant at McMillan and Ten Mile called The Broken Yolk Cafe. Many locations in the Southwest, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch. Menu and more here.

A new shop opening soon at The Village at Meridian, called Bite Me. Hand-dipped ice cream.

I’ve never seem these before. Lollipop corn dogs. Find them at Eureka in Downtown Boise.

Tasso, the sandwich shop in BoDo, is adding breakfast. December 28th is the first day.

Stella’s Ice Cream has three new creations that are vegan: Cookie butter, butter beer and maple spice. All made with a coconut base.

Guru donuts has been fun to follow in Instagram. Posting short videos of how they make donuts, along with this insider information. They start making donuts each morning just after midnight.

Boise Pie Company has added sauces to the shop. The newest is called Death Kiss Chile. Cranberry, pomegranate, and Carolina Reaper peppers.

Black Rock Coffee has a yummy-looking deal. 16 ounces for only $2.

A tamale for breakfast? Great idea, Big City Coffee.

It seems like we just got this yummy food truck, Umami Avenue, and it’s leaving us. For a good reason, though. Chef Jimenez is moving to Seattle to open a fine French restaurant. Congratulations.

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