Candy Corn Taste Test

Candy corn is a favorite Halloween candy. Candy corn is the worst Halloween candy. I like it. Ken doesn’t like it. But he has changed his mind, kinda.

The owner of Cravin’s Candy Emporium, Debbie Giordano, brought a sample of Jelly Belly brand candy corn to the studios. She says it’s different than the Brach’s candy corn.

So, we put on our expert candy taste-testing hats and compared the two. The Brach’s is on the left; Jelly Belly on the right.

They look different. The Brach’s is a cloudier color with a smooth exterior and is larger. Both have a vanilla aroma. [I sniffed. Ken didn’t sniff] It looks as if the Jelly Belly candy corn is more carefully crafted. Colors are more vibrant and fewer pieces are broken.

Taste results: Brach’s has a strong vanilla flavor with a little of a butterscotch aftertaste. The Jelly Belly brand is a milder vanilla with a fruity finish. Ken preferred the Jelly Belly. I liked them both.

And now we are both candy corn experts. Ask us anything.