Bailen 2019


This group caught our attention months ago, and it’s the album I’ve listened to on every road trip since. This NYC trio joined us for a great session in the Blue Moon Listener Lounge!

You might remember this group was scheduled to play Boise previously, and had to cancel. The reason was, they were offered an opening slot for Hozier! It was great to have their show rescheduled at The Olympic.

Listeners enjoyed pizza from Guido’s, and Julia was glad it wasn’t deep dish. These New Yorkers know a thing or two about pizza.

These young performers have an old-soul sound, and their classically-trained parents are freelance New York musicians. The music and harmonies are tight, and they are really fun people. Their show at Olympic was great, and sound girl Kendall had everything locked in tight! We talked shop a little bit, and compared our mutual admiration for the Sound Girls group. My friend and I went downstairs to Mulligan’s to order food and drinks from our favorite bartender Kelly. I noticed the bass player from Bailen was next to us. He smiled and introduced me to their cousin, who lives here in Boise!

Check out their album, “Thrilled to Be Here,” and their EP, “When the Party’s Over.” They will soon also release “Mixtape #1,” with some surprises, including a Joni Mitchell cover.

My friend who is new to Bailen asked David about some lyrics that spoke to her. In the song, they sing “Take my mother, take my father, oh, but you’re not gonna take me.” David explained that he had heard someone at a cafe talking about schizophrenia in their family.

Check out the Bailen podcast here.


JADE BIRD-Live session at noon Saturday, then her show Saturday night at The Olympic

CAAMP-November 4th

SOAK-November 5th

LIL SMOKIES-November 8th

A few other possible sessions are waiting for confirmation!

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