Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival


Our friends at To Entertain U and SVG hooked us up with a great Sawtooth Valley Gathering preview. It was a great session with the very tall Daniel Rodriguez. He is doing some solo touring with the hiatus of his band Elephant Revival.

This was a fun session, and I needed a fun session as our last one was tainted for me by a sound guy who told me the way I did things is stupid. Now when I play that artist, it’s all I can think of. I mean it was so bad, if one of my coworkers had spoken to me that way I would have gone straight to HR and made a complaint. I have just 2 rules. Keep it simple, and keep it fun. This guy wanted neither. It’s only happened one other time with the hundreds of sessions on The River and The X. I guess percentage-wise, that’s pretty good? Mixing live radio is completely different than mixing a live band, and not quite like studio recording as there are no do-overs. The concentration needed for mixing and problem solving can be overwhelming at times. Later that evening we put together a P.A. system for the band to use, and the sound guy asked our tech which speakers the main sound came out of. Mmm hmm.

This session was such a nice change. Hugs from the promoters, off-mic jokes from Daniel that we can’t share on the air or the blog, and Seth singing and dancing the Hippopotamus song after squeezing our plastic hippo toy. These guys are SO excited about this weekend’s festival in Stanley! They donated tickets and camping that we gave away to a Facebook winner. When people say I have the best job, I agree without hesitation. This day was an example of that good 99% .

Daniel was joined by a beautiful voice, Carolyn Hunter. He was really excited to travel to Ketchum last night to see Nathaniel Rateliff, who plays in Boise tonight. When asked about other groups he’s performed with, he said Stevie Wonder is the beacon for him.

Last night I ventured to Funky Taco to see “Twang Is Dead” featuring Arthur Lee Land. They were an amazing 3 piece Grateful Dead cover band, with the best drummer I have seen in years. This is Daniel’s backing band while on tour. A man I’d seen at our Alive After 5 booth told me this band just played for Steve Poltz. He asked if I knew who that was. I told him he used to be Jewel’s boyfriend, and he wrote “You were meant for me.” Mind : Blown. You’ll be able to hear this incredible band at SVG. They played from 8:30 until 12:15, and never took a break!

What a great session, with great people. My co-worker shared a 6 pack she’d been given from Mother Earth Brewing. This was a good day!

Check out the Daniel Rodriguez EP, “Your Heart, The Stars, The Milky Way.” He is also working on a full solo album he hopes to release by winter.


You should know that Bailen has rescheduled an October show at Olympic. This is my favorite new band. Tickets go on sale soon.

We’re working on possible sessions with Wilder Woods, Bailen, Mike Doughty and Delta Rae!

Also, we’re giving away FREE tickets to both Mumford and Sons AND Avett Brothers at The Gorge. You pay for camping, we give you free tickets. Enter online to win at riverboise.com.

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