Ground Zero Photos Found at a Yard Sale

Ground Zero Memorial
[My family visited the Ground Zero memorial a few years ago ~Debbie]
A yard sale find of a stack of CDs ended up being a trove of photos shortly after the 9/11 attacks in New York City. They appear to have been taken by a construction worker, as many of the pictures feature equipment and workers. Samples below, and you can see the whole album on Flickr.

10-05-01 PM Work Progress 110-1065_IMG

Almost 2,400 photos. Professional archivists extracted them from the CDs, some images had deteriorated, and the original pictures came from a compact, low-tech camera.

10-06-01 AM 111-1135_IMG

10-11-01 PM Material Management 115-1574_IMG
10-12-01 PM Material Management 116-1646_IMG

Thank you to the finders for sharing the photos. They suggest making a donation to a 9/11 charity.