Plastic Diet = No Cake for Me

Day one of my plastic diet and I was deprived of cake. As part of my pledge to avoid clamshell plastic packaging, which cannot be recycled, I am choosing not to purchase items encased in those plastics. But. Cake! Convenience cake at Albertsons. Nope.

My plastic diet this month is inspired by a suggestion from the City of Boise Public Works Department, and part of my commitment as a City of Boise CurbIt Pro – to help people understand recycling and how to reduce reliance on products that can’t be recycled.

Here is the template:

We all try to do the right thing when we can, but for a lot of us, convenience wins in a pinch. For the month of May, we would like to challenge you to commit to not using or accepting single use plastics, even when it’s hard. 

I pledge to eliminate _____ for the month of May.

    • Plastic Bags
    • Plastic Straws
    • Take-out containers, cups, and silverware
    • All single-use plastics

It takes some planning and it was tough to avoid the cake temptation. The grasshopper cake looks really good.

The idea is that if we all do a little, it helps reduce the tons of plastics that go to the landfill, or end up in waterways.

~Debbie loves cake