Birthday Time, the B-52’s Wrote a Song about Me

I arrived at work at 4 am to find the party already started at my work fort, thanks to fellow radio morning show diva Dylan at J105.

Saturday, I turn 52. I will celebrate with lunch at Fork in Downtown Boise. Fork is also celebrating its birthday – open for 8 years.

The B-52’s wrote a song about ‘me’ in 1998!

It’s all-kinds of punky rock perfect. It involves glitter and blonde hair, too.

Here’s some fun with the number 52.  There are 52 cards in a deck of cards, and math is magical for all the possible card combinations. Here’s a short video explainer, and yes, one billion years is relevant to the number 52.

More info about the 52 factorial here. It may make your head hurt.

Numerology is fun, too. For 52:

  • 52 is a number of introspection and expression of a personal sense of freedom. It is studious and is mentally sharp.
  • The energy the number 52 represents tends to do whatever attracts its attention as desirable to experience. But not on a whim. It analyzes what it experiences and what it observes.
  • 52 constantly acquires knowledge of and about itself and its experiences. It is perpetually accumulating wisdom — not only about itself and its experiences, but also about individuals, and about the physical and spiritual universes.
  • Social gatherings are seen as opportunities to interact with others, becoming aware of new points of view, observing people’s actions and reactions in groups, and experiencing the ambiance of the gathering.
  • 52 can discuss anything. It generally prefers subjects about learning, experiencing new things, and spiritual or scientific philosophies.

Hello friends. This is what 52 looks like. Freckles, “bangs before Botox,” and a strong belief in never growing up.