Treefort and Studio Boise

This year I couldn’t do Treefort as well without help from Denise at Studio Boise.

I needed a particular lense, and searched for a place that does lens rentals. I found Studio Boise in a really cool office at 4619 Emerald Street. They are open mostly by appointment, or Thursday through Saturday, 12 Noon to 6 PM.

There are many rooms and settings at Studio Boise. This room above caught my attention, remembering different bands I’ve been in using sheets and butcher paper to try and create backdrops for photos. This room is perfect for that, and Denise said bands love filming music videos here. Marshall Poole is the latest group to perform here.

Studio Boise offers studio rentals, equipment rentals, an art gallery where people can shoot art and sculpture, and they offer equipment services.

Their room rentals include lighting, modifiers, reflectors, Bluetooth, use of stools and chairs, 30 backdrop options, and use of this makeup room above.

Studio Boise would be a perfect alternative for student photos to have some personality and look professional. They also offer lens calibration, sensor cleaning, workshops, and more. They are saving me at Treefort this year, renting me the exact lens I was missing. I love their phrase that they are “Judgment Free.” You can call their office at (208) 917-7427!


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